Aborting my child with down-syndrome and I don't think I will regret it one bit

I was pregnant with fraternal twins, one of whom had Down’s Syndrome. I found out at 18 weeks after having amniocentesis. I already had a two year old. A ‘selective reduction’ was suggested but we were warned that it would put the other twin at risk of being born with cerebral palsy, blindness, etc. I know how you are suffering and how agonizing the decision is. I got lucky and found a family who wanted a baby with Down’s. I had both babies and gave one baby to another woman five days later. While pregnant, I was devastated and I had never cried so much in my life. That time has left me a changed person. I know now that had I been carrying a singleton, I would have had an abortion. I want you to know this: there is one person out there who has lived your nightmare and fully supports your decision.

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