Advice please: My Girlfriend's Rottweiler is badly behaved, and I'm worried about his mental wellbeing and living standards.

I work 9-5 too. My Rottweiler sleeps on her bed in our kitchen at night, she has full range of the room she knows it’s her bed time and just sleeps. I work from home 3 days during the week which is a huge advantage I admit. On the 2 days I’m not in the office I leave her in her outside pen where she can still move about and play. When I come home I take her for a 44 minute walk and then we spend the rest of the evening together in front of the fire.

Thor isn’t badly behaved he just wants some attention. And needs some mental stimulation. And a bit more training. Why does she leave him in his crate the whole time? If she doesn’t have an alternative she needs to take him to a doggy daycare during the day the poor thing can’t stay in a crate forever.

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