Am I the only one miss C++ application GUI that is so much snappier and responsive than todays GUI framework such as Electron or others using python, JS etc?

I like Neo(Vim) for productivity, but I mainly develop on Linux.

A few pros:

A terminal is all that's needed (very useful if you're tunneling into other computers or are already inside a terminal).

You can easily create vertical/horizontal splits and tabs (and you can run terminals in them or keybind drop-down FPS-like consoles or toggle-able floating terminals).

It's modal, which is very nice for efficiency IMO. The various visual modes are super useful for multi-line editing, deleting specific blocks, etc.

It's mainly keyboard based (you can enable mouse; but 95% of the time reaching for a mouse is a waste of efficiency).

It has motions, that are super powerful. Want do delete 69 lines starting at the current one? Press 69dd. Want to jump ahead 5 words? 5w. Want to go to line 420? Do :420 or 420G. Want to return? O, etc.

It has super powerful macros. (Which are super handy if you for example have some 100+ look-up table or whatever. Just press q1<sequence of input to record>q to record the sequence for slot 1, then press 100@1 to execute the macro 100 times.)

It has super powerful match expressions (mostly useful for substituting text with regex, but you can also nest them and run commands on matches and what not.)

Super extensible. (With things like ctags, treesitter or coc-vim + coc-ccls or coc-clangd you can get very good IDE-like functionality for stuff like errors, warnings, code-completions, etc. And you can integrate gdb debugging quite nicely with vimspector. There are various great plugins for git integration as well, giving you a git gutter and letting you do things like commit and push with a keypress or two. ctrl-space and such are quite nice as well.)

Powerful code-folding capabilities.

Can generally handle larger files than pretty much any other editor.

After learning Vim-controls you can use them in almost any editor with the right extension (e.g. VSCode, Vim-Emacs hybrids, Sublime Text, VS, etc) or even use Vim navigation for things like web browsers, file browsers, etc.

etc etc.

A few cons:

High learning curve.

Productivity starts off a bit slow until you can comfortable with modal editing, motions, and build a muscle memory for common operations.

Configuration can be overwhelming at first, but there are quite a few pre-configured bundles out there (as well as lots of guides and dotfiles).

It's not ideal for Windows development if you want to use the MSVC debugger, so you'd probably end up tabbing between Vim and Visual Studio when debugging.

Since mouse is optional, your FPS mouse precision won't come as handy.

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