Some disjointed thoughts and a couple questions from an ~800 hour player and owner of all your DLC (except the $20 overkill pack).

  • I love all the new content new guns, new skills, and new mods, but the power creep in this game is getting pretty bad. Payday 2 is fun for me because it's hard. If you remove the challenge, you remove the fun. So, weapon balance when? Many are mostly useless, and some are so good you'd be dumb to bring anything else. It's not glamorous, it's tough to make a trailer for, but a balance pass would bring a huge improvement to the baseline quality of the game.

  • In that vein, the new RPG. Holy bejesus it's fun, but it specifically needs a nerf. A big one. My suggestion would be to only give it 3 rounds instead of 5, and you can't refill it from an ammo bag either. You shouldn't be able to use it on every dozer that walks by.

  • Were you aware of how the new ammo pickup mechanics would impact guns like the grenade launcher and the Thanatos? Do you intend to change it? Because they got buffed really hard, and it seems like that may have been inadvertent.

  • Hoxton breakout has become the new rats speedrun. Please nerf it; Overkill hoxtout should not pay more than any multi-day deathwish job. It's not hard enough or long enough to justify that.

  • Can we get lobby tags or descriptions in crimenet? Right now when you're going for an achievement, people generally change their steam username. It's dumb that we have to do that; please give us a little text box.

  • Cloakers through walls and tasers from behind cover with no line of sight. "Complete and utter fucking horseshit" doesn't quite describe how I feel about this. I said I like hard games, but I don't like unavoidable RNG "you're dead" events. ("Hard to avoid" is great.)

  • Please add a throwing animation to flashbangs. Give me a split second to avoid them, or to look the other direction, or something. RNG "your crew's blind" is also horseshit.

  • Anything that a sniper can see through but we can't is bullshit. (Curtains on hotline miami day 2, for example).

  • Client side stealth detection when?

  • Sprinting dozers (like in PD:TH) when?

  • Framing frames day 2: if we don't get the ambush, can you please ask the driver to stay where he is? Also can you ask him to back it in this time?

  • Frames day 3: Can you please take a look at the guard pathing? They will spend minutes at a time staring directly at the only route to an objective. It's not fun.

If you read all of that, thanks. I've got other thoughts, but this post is already long and other people have said many of the things I think. Please don't mistake my critique and criticism for complaining; Overall I really like this game and there's a reason I've spent so much time playing it. You've done it mostly right, and I appreciate all the hard work!

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