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A mischievous and racist gnome, Littlegyno began his adventures in Norrath in Steamfont by operating the largest gnomish brothel that catered exclusively to the minotaurs. He met his first Erudite at the brothel and urinating next to the man realized how inadequate his Gnomish pecker was. At that point he vowed to become a racist prig and has been ever since.

Littlegyno traveled the world in search of adventure and riches, eventually accumulating 8 legendary Amulet of Necropotence by trading bloomin's to the evil God Cazic Thule with his love companion, the handsome elf Mornin. These fabulous artifacts won him the title "King of Chickenbones" by the populace and elevated his stature among the nobles of Norrath. He soon grew bored with his great success and while in a tavern in Freeport, he overheard a dark elf wizard that was the local pill dealer, mention that the glorious "Duke" has conquered the known world and was looking for a few good men and small peckered gnomes for his Army. He soon sold most of his belongings in Freeport and went to work for the Duke slaying dragons with his skinhead friends.

Sadly, every story has it's end. The Duke fell in battle while trying to kill a two-headed serpent-like creature called a "jewgon" that went by the name of Heartbrand/Retti. After the Duke's remains were burned, the Empire he had built threatened to implode on itself. A tricky Iksar by the name of Gongshow, himself another servant of Littlegyno's patron Bristlebane Fizzlethrope, soon reformed the fragments of the Duke's armies into the new <Empire>.

Today, Littlegyno enjoys bannings and being an autist with his best pal Gongshow. Both are suspected to be mortal avatars of the God Bristlebane Fizzlethrope, but only time will bant.

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