Have any of you noticed your parents seem to "lose touch" with the realities of having a job, after they've been in retirement for more than a few years?

This ! Reading replies is interesting. My working class parents were tired and broke most of the time growing up. They were engaged with me and my siblings to a point, but as the younger of the bunch, not so much with me.

They had lots of friend groups and there were get togethers and events through and with their friends, and they were involved in an old school social club. But, when it came to me and my interests, they werent really interested. Probably only went to a few handfuls of sporting events and werent engaged in my education. So long as i wasnt in trouble at school and such. I was required to attend many weddings and events that were part of their circle. I went to many more of these types of things than my friends combined, by a lot.

They dont heckle me too much to stop by. Its been some months since ive seen them. We're about an hour apart. I feel bad somedays, but id rather chill on my days off. "Cats in the Cradle" is so true, and im glad i dont have kids.

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