Anyone here go back to school in their thirties?

Well, you are absolutely right on track with starting out at a community college first with an eye towards transferring to a university to finish your degree.

You should consider staying in the same school system for your AA degree and your undergrad degree. Most state colleges and community colleges will accept credits straight across without a loss of a single credit hour of learning. Well, I mean that if you go to a community college that is a satellite of a state college, credits are transferable 1:1 whereas going to a CC in one state and getting an undergrad degree in another state, maybe not all of your credits will transfer over which is wasted money and time.

Also, if you transfer to another state, you will have to pay non resident tuition which is double the cost of resident tuition which is big bucks these days.

Community college is a f'in great way to bang out prerequisite classes at any age and especially as an older student. It costs HALF of a state college and gives you the same education and they have schedules that are worker friendly, too.

As an older, more mature person, you are likely to find college pretty easy. You won't be partying or trying to find yourself or basically wasting 2 years wandering around in the dark which accurately describes the first 2 years at any college.

Sure, you might feel a bit behind the curve as an adult student at a community college, but no, forget that. Wanting to better yourself automatically puts you at the top of your age group. As an older more mature person, you will acclimatize to your mission (hopefully) quickly and sail through your coursework.

Well, math might be a challenge at first, but that's what tutors are for. Uni's have them by the tons; take advantage of them the moment you feel stuck. I had to have math tutors my whole time in college. Without them, I'd still be working at Hooter's. Well, also, the same goes for any subject. Stuck? There will be someone to help you shoulder through it.

For sure you have to nail the work ethic right away. Nose in the book always and accept nothing less than perfect scores out of yourself.

I know the value of work ethic. I possess a shockingly mediocre mind, yet my work ethic bought me two science degrees at a top university. Trust me when I say that I own pantyhose that are smarter than I am. For sure, you are wildly cosmically smarter than that, so work ethic and smarts will carry you through no matter what.


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