Does a woman's type/preference even matter if men ultimately are the ones doing the choosing?

I mean, if you're "chosen" by someone whom you don't actually like, then that does you no good, either. I think it would be preferable to be single than in a relationship with someone you dislike, simply for the purpose of being in a relationship.

This makes sense. I really hope that how I presented this question is not coming off weird. A lot of the previous advice I've gotten from friends is that I need to give these guys a chance even if I don't really like them like that because I can posdibly change my mind. I think they're trying to be helpful knowing that I'm beating mid 30s with no relationship experience. But I also don't know if I can fake liking someone romantically either even if I can acknowledge that they could be a great person/spouse. It'd be more fair for them to find someone else than be with me.

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