Anyone have suggestions for a Windows gaming laptop that can run Roblox and The Sims 4? (USA, $1200)

This one is $450. A normal laptop nearly as powerful as a gaming laptop:

Here's a pretty comprehensive review:

Since it hits 60+ FPS on most games, you would need at least an Nvidia GTX 1650 for an appreciable difference but that would eat up a huge amount of battery life.

I personally own that model of Lenovo and my job provided me with one of these:

(The IT Department believes the Nvidia Quadro in it is optimal for 3D design and a better option over a desktop using our current software even though we're not allowed to take the laptop outside the building...)

Not to brag, just I'm aware of the difference. I'm mainly trying to illustrate the law of diminishing returns. The Lenovo I linked to is amazing for the price. Every dollar spent past that is gaining less and less. Past about $1,000 on a laptop doesn't make much sense over a desktop unless a $2000 laptop 1/3 as powerful as a $2000 desktop is still worth it for your particular needs (and in some cases, this is very much so the situation).

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