"Anyone who uses the word zionists should just man the fuck up and use the word Jews or kikes, because we all know damn well that's what you're talking about" says racist bigot in GTK. Also, Judaism is the problem not Zionism??? WTF?

I'm going to be shit on by you guys for this, because I freely admit that I visit Coontown and comment there, on this account and on one previously shadowbanned account...

Look, I'm not a fan of black people. I believe there are plenty of decent ones. I've just seen the data and I, personally, in my opinion, believe that there is something about black people that make them tend towards aggressive anti social behavior. There is data that I believe supports that. But that's the thing. It's data. It's objective.

I, however, have no reason to hate the Jews, and I've questioned the Jew hate in Coontown. While I believe the stuff about blacks is more "Race realism", I think all the other shit on the sub about the Jews is actual racism. It's based on nothing but conspiracy. They honestly believe that an entire race of 18 million people are in on a hundred's of years long con to take down the western world. That's insanity.

When I brought this up, I said "Maybe a small elite population of Jews has some sort of agenda, but 1000 people out of 18 million doesn't in any way justify condemning the entire race of people." I said "Maybe the Zionists, but even other Jews think they're a problem". Someone actually said "Well, when we say Jew, we mean Zionists, obviously". Fucking really? Bull. Shit.

And, I'd like to add, I fucking hate eaglezhigh. My theory is that he just hates everyone that's not white, and that he got lucky with his hate of blacks matching up with some statistical data. His hate for Jews, homosexuals, and transsexuals is absolutely ignorant and based off of nonsense statistics. The only reason he's a pillar of the "Chimpire" is because he got lucky. He's an ignorant, hateful, and frankly dangerous bigot who's threatened violence in the past.

I'm comfortable with statistically backed race realism. Hate me for that if you will. I like to look at the world in what I feel is an objective way. You may disagree. That's fine, I support your right to believe what you want, and I won't try to change your opinion. What I cannot stand for is ignorant, baseless hate and calls to violence against those subject to it. Especially eaglezhigh's particular brand.

I don't know why I was compelled to say all of this, or why here, but that's my two cents.

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