So, apparently Singapore rejected calls to join anti-Russian sanctions.

I don't think we do much trading with Russia anyway, so I don't think the US will come and kachau us for not joining. and do you even know how diplomatic relations between countries work to reach such a conclusion.

It seems like recently liberated Communist countries tend to swing towards 'nationalism'.

Define nationalism and then see how many modern counties apply to that definition.

Putin is a guy who needs to unite a country dependent on oil (a failing resource)


So I don't exactly blame him for trying to divert national attention into swallowing up defenseless 'client states'.

National attention literally means absolutely nothing to putin let alone serve as incentive to annex 'client states'.

It would be a pity to see another 'Cold War' as Russia's army is not up to standard at all,

This is rubbish.

and I don't want to give the US another excuse to scatter eagle droppings over the world map

Like they aren't doing it now right?

But whatever happens, I believe that Singapore will be safe as this really has nothing to do with us.

Ridiculous. Given the nature of Singapore being the port of call in S.E.A for the US.

Of all the global threats right now, ISIS is undoubtedly the worst.

ISIS is the worst thing in the world rhetoric.

If they advance further through the Middle East, America will defend its oilfields, and things can only go downhill from there.

The generic oil and america statement to make things seem legit, after all Saudi Arabia, Iran, the UAE - basically OPEC and any other developed nation has a vital interest in oil. And everyone knows that the middle east is the only place in the whole world where oil matters.

This is some pseudo intellectual garbage, the kind of thing put together so assuredly to garner some semblance of insight.

An average person will probably read your post and go "Yeah good points - and it's well typed, this person must be really smart." This must have taken you nearly two full articles on FP or Time or some other liberal commentary about political and international relations to arrive at your conclusions.

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