Are you afraid of having another baby? I am.

My son is almost 14 months now. My daughter is 2 months now. I am a stay home mom.

I am 1 out of 2 in my family and my husband is 1 out of 4. We definitely want a bigger family, were thinking maybe 3 or 4.

Both pregnancies were fine, with the normal pregnancy stuff like carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica pain, back pain, incontinence, etc etc. I'm not going to lie, it was hard, the labor part was unbelievable painful, in my entire life I have never felt pain like that. C section recovery was hard, but 'normal hard' if you know what I mean.

My son was very colicky, fussy, and he was always either eating or crying for the first 3 months. He was sleep trained so after the 3 month mark he slept through the night 12 hrs straight and the memory of those sleepless nights are just that, memories.

He still high needs. But what baby isn't?

My daughter is just amazing, I jokingly told my husband because our son was so colicky we were given this little girl and she's so easy to compensate for last year's struggle. I also know what I'm doing, so it makes things easier. She's already sleeping through the night.

My body looks like crap after being pregnant two years in a row. I am 5 ft tall and I used to be 110 lbs, now I'm 131 lbs. it was definitely nice to be able to wear nice clothing, being all dressed up with make up and hair nicely done, date nights, sexy time, freedom, etc. instead I changed all that for sweatpants, spit up, shower every other day, date night every 2 months, cleaning food off of the floors....

Would I change that for what I had before?

Absolutely not.

Motherhood is very difficult and challenging, and it is different for everyone. While some women's reasoning for not having a baby is because it'll ruin their body to women who go through one rough pregnancy and are scared to death to go through it again, there are just millions of reasons and they're all valid. You'll do whatever works for you and your family. There's no right or wrong answer here.

Me, on the other hand, despite all the challenges that pregnancy and motherhood brings, I don't regret for a second my babies. I'm still on board of having more. I don't care about my body, I can always exercise, I don't care about sleeping because eventually I will sleep, all those things are just a phase and what you get is way bigger that anything else in this world:

A family.

Personally I couldn't just have one child. After my husband and I die, I wanted to make sure my son had family left. I'm giving him a friend, a sibling, someone who will play with him and keep him company.

I don't mind. Im doing this for my son and my husband and that makes me happy. Whatever difficulty motherhood brings, it's worth my time and my effort.

Do whatever you think is worth for you. If you think being able to fit into skinny jeans is more important, having your body to yourself, being able to sleep, it's fine.

It depends on how much you want it, or how much it is worth for you. You'll accept any challenge if it is worth for you.

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