Proactive partners?

My husband is a great father but being the stay at home mom I am pretty on top of everything.

I didn't get mad I was just so confused at the situation and thought it was pretty funny, but this happened the other day.

Our 4 and a half year old has constipation issues and since that happens she was still in pullups. I got tired of buying pullups so we bought cloth pullups since she has been doing better for some time. We probably only had the cloth ones for under 2 weeks but still you know what they feel like. They all feel the same just different patterns. The other day she went a little in the pullup, husband does the bedtime routine and this was during that time. I sit on the couch and just wait for her to be put down. But he comes by and says I need to start learning where this stuff is, where is the underwear. I say in that box and he goes over and holds something up looking like a pull up to me, it was dark. I say yea. He goes up and finishes everything. The next morning I take her on the potty and she has a swim diaper on. This thing is like plasticy feeling on the outside, I am just like how does he mix this stuff up lol

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