They are finally reopening the case and starting over, felony charges can be brought back and recharged on Smollett : Special prosecutor assigned to investigate Jussie Smollett case | On Air Videos

I post on a small boxing forum that's like 90% black and poorly moderated.

Honestly it's pretty much every negative stereotype you can think of. Lots of 'rape all of your white bitches' threats. Lots of extremists who believe white and asian people are parasitic robots designed by an exiled ancient egyptian scientist to permanently ground the spaceship pyramids. Sometimes I just read the stuff out of morbid fascination.

When this Smollett thing happened... Not even that crowd believed him. He was openly mocked and they hoped he went to prison for doing something so retarded that could have killed thousands of people.

I really feel like this drew a line in the sand where even people with extreme racial views have had enough of the hoax shit.

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