Are head scarfs/wraps appropriate for someone who is not BIPOC? I know they are protective hairstyles but I love the look. Was told it’s potentially appropriating others cultures. Please let me know!

Thanks for your input on my input on my own Pakeha tattoo, in which I got as a Pakeha in 2018 on my back in which I actually have an appointment to get it (for the second time) removed in 3 weeks. I got it when I was 28 and got my passport and citezenship. Despite not being born in NZ or being Maori, I sung the anthem and blessed the queen (at the time in 2016) in Maori. I reached out to a Maori tattoo artist who did my Kirituhi. But people have been mean. So mean that Im getting it removed. It was so important to me. And I sincerely hope the artist never finds out I'm getting it removed.

Maori people think it's great. I get berated by other Pakeha constantly. To to point of having it removed as we speak.

So OP... DON'T ASK HERE. ask POC in your community. By god this is so much less permanent.

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