Are my ex and I in the same league? F22

... one of the prettiest girls he had seen ..... high school ..... for being conceited..... say that stuff if he didn't want me to actually believe it?

Listen up, kiddo. You suffer from "I'm a cute girl, and therefore naive as fuck" syndrome. Basically, you were infected by what is called "pandering" .. people have been too nice to you for no reason other than your appearance. It destroyed your chance of seeing the real world as a child, and now you think things like "leagues" exist. Your adult life will be full of disappointment and failure.

Are we really supposed to be able to determine if two people are "right for each other" based on pictures of faces? You do realize that one day (hopefully, if you luck out to live so long) you'll be old and wrinkly and ugly? You do realize that beauty is mostly an opinion, yeah? And, most importantly, are you aware that being so hung up on appearances kinda does make you a shitty person? What are your hobbies, your secret wishes, your most intimate fears? If you live in a world where appearances are the most important quality, you deserve someone who thinks similarly. (Spoilers: those are the lowest type of people. The braindead)

You trusted the words of a teenaged boy? Christ, you're dense. You should be old enough to know things like "prettiest" don't exist. Surely, you've heard the old cliche phrase "there's always someone bigger and better" .. You're not Kate Upton nor Alison Brie, and therefore you should be very aware that there are loads of people prettier than you.

You sound fairly conceited from your text, and going by pics alone, you and your ex both just look like shallow people.. people I would avoid if I saw in a bar. You too. I don't care how cute you may, I can see past the layers of makeup powders and into your soul.

Go buy some deep books and forget you have a vagina for a while.

Be a better person first, then you can try to date someone. Being cute isn't a skill or a craft, nor anything to actually be proud of. How cute are you without makeup? How cute is your soul?

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