Arena/Assault Overview & Thresholds - Data Collection [March 18]

1 hour and half to end, not gonna update since I'm not close to any cutoff.

Arena Tier 20>21

Score: 3752

Rank: 1218/3200

Assault Top 3k

Score: 5264

Rank: 1366

Aether Raids Top 3k

Score: 11940

Rank: 3095

Had more difficulty than usual in securing scores with F!Grima this week, what was the deal with all those L!Marth? >_> At least I'm done now.
Wasn't lucky with Assault scores, but I don't care much, re-doing it is too much effort.
Uh, I feel like I'm always extremely unlucky in my ranking in AR, I had one loss which probably cost me the golden throne this round, gonna blame the stupid Anima Blessing quest. Whatever.

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