aren't you guys worried carrying Osmium given how toxic it's oxides are?

No you weren't, and neither am I. YOU. DONT. KNOW. WHAT. YOU'RE. TALKING. ABOUT. I know you're not going to read or understand any of this, but I'll go ahead and explain it again.

You say people need to be warned about the "many" dangers of osmium, but the only one I've heard from you is your erroneous claim that "it's toxic." You don't even know how to distinguish between the pure element and its compounds, you just claim all of it is toxic, for no other reason than because you say so. Why should I take your word for it when you have no evidence? If I came up to you and told you that the fabric on airline seats are toxic and you shouldn't sit on them without any evidence, and just expected you to take my word for it, would you believe me?

If I told you that silver is toxic and you'll die if you touch it, and expected you to just take my word for it, would you believe me? No, because you have obviously handled silver before and you didn't die. Of course, while there are many volatile and toxic compounds of silver, like silver nitrate and silver fluoride, that doesn't mean silver metal itself is toxic. And the same goes for osmium.

So, that having been said... why the FUCK would I take your word for it, that osmium metal is toxic? The word of someone who knows nothing about it? If I wanted to hire someone to manage a nuclear power plant, who should I hire?? The guy who knows a thing or two about how to operate one, or the guy who has no qualifications and has never SEEN a nuclear power plant in his life??

Well let me tell you something.... you HAVE to think I'm stupid. You HAVE to think ALL OF US are stupid. There's no other way to explain your behavior. And honestly, if osmium metal really were toxic, we'd all be falling I'll anyway, so I don't understand what you think the point is of trying to tell us, or what you think is so funny about it. If this were Wallstreetthallium, or Wallstreetarsenic, or Wallstreetberyllium, I would agree with you, but I'm sure you don't know anything about those elements either. You probably don't know very much about silver either, aside from what it's selling for each week.

So let's examine what has been established by actual science, and not by what people claim or believe: Pure osmium metal--nontoxic Osmium dioxide--nontoxic Osmium trioxide--n/a Osmium tetroxide--super toxic.

Osmium metal needs lots of heat and energy to produce osmium tetroxide. The metal cannot be absorbed into the body through ingestion because it doesn't react with things like saliva, blood, enzymes, or stomach acid, or much of anything else for that matter. It would pass through quite unchanged, and rather uneventfully.

But none of that means anything to you. You only hear what you want to hear.

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