Artifact comparison to Mark Rosewater video

I'd disagree with a couple of them.

Rule 6: Understand what emotion your game is trying to evoke.

It was always advertised as complex and highly strategic and I would definitely say that it succeeds in this.

Rule 7: Allow the players to make ur game personal

Custom Tournaments make Artifact the most personal digital CCG on the market in my opinion (except for arguably Magic Online (not MTGA). It also came with Constructed, Limited and Preconstructed.

Rule 8: The details are where the players fall in love with [your] game.

This game has so many in-game voice lines for unique interactions, voiced flavour texts for all cards (even uncollectible ones) and a background story for the set (I assume each set will get a comic). I'd still say we get much more than most other digital CCG.

Rule 9: Allow your players to have a sense of ownership.

The open economy creates a stronger sense of ownership than most other digital CCGs, though that point is debatable.

Rule 11: If everyone likes your game, but no one loves it, it will fail.

I'd say that Artifact does NOT appeal to the masses and was never designed this way. Reynad said in his review that Hearthstone is designed to be an 8/10 to everyone while Artifact will be a 5/10 to most and a 10/10 to few and I would agree.

Rule 16: Be more afraid of boring your players than challenging him.

This one throws me for a loop. Do you not think Artifact is challenging? If some card designs are too generic to you, that is probably because Call to Arms is still the first set which usually features more vanilla cards than usual (check out the Classic and Basic sets in Hearthstone).

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