Bringing kratom to Mexico Discretely?

Well then it seems you need to go through security without them. Maybe pretend you've got to go to the bathroom really bad JUST as they are getting in line for security. Tell them you're having a bathroom emergency and for them to go ahead and you'll meet them at the gate. You really gotta sell it. Don't let them wait behind for you. I mean I find it highly unlikely security will question you about it especially if you put it in your luggage, NOT your carry on. Put it in a vitamin container just like you mentioned but also have other different vitamin containers and Tylenol maybe some benadryl stuff like that. When I used to take painkillers I couldn't travel without them but I've had my bag searched several times. I'd put them in Tylenol bottles and things like that and they were never questioned or confiscated even though I didn't have a prescription. Now if you absolutely have to keep it in your carry on because the risk of your luggage being misplaced which happens especially on international flights, you'll still be safe to put it in your carry on but then you have to make sure you don't go through security with your family. I know all of this sounds really extra but I know what you're going through I went through the same shit when I went on trips and couldn't go without pills because I would have withdrawals and become bed ridden in agony without them. Your best bet is to keep them in your luggage and keep maybe one to two doses in your carry on for the small chance your luggage will be misplaced and that can hold you over until you get your luggage. Sorry for the long reply but hopefully it might be an option for you.

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