Can we please have Mekkatorque and Warfield added to the game already

Chromie' is Chronormu. She is a dragon who likes to pretend to be a gnome. It's dress-up.

Is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde the same exact person or are they two separate identities who share a body?

It literally says "Not a gnome" in that screenshot.

No, it figuratively says not a gnome, it literally says TECHNICALLY, not a gnome. Just like your argument, on her TECHNICALLY not being a gnome.

Look at Overwatch. America is a nation of many people with a variety of jobs. Yet Overwatch chose to represent it with a cowboy. Now, there are a lot of notable Americans who aren't cowboys, yet being a cowboy is still intrinsically linked to America

You do know Reaper is from America too right? And he is not represented as a cowboy or anywhere near it? Is Soldier 76 a cowboy too..?

Yes, I chose something that exagerated your point so you would see how silly it is, since your own argument is built on understating the issue by making it seem like she's just a gnome with no differences from any old gnome mage.

Alright, here's something equally as exaggerate for you that applies to nothing and makes no sense, America is best known for cowboys, you can clearly see it by 1 out of 3 American characters from Overwatch being a cowboy while the other 2 are no where near it.

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