I can't justify the pricing of PSNow. Since it's new and changing, will the price drop to a more reasonable amount?

This may be the worst response I have ever seen on reddit. I almost want to give you gold for it.

  1. 18-24 what? Dollars? I'm going to assume you mean dollars. You are wrong. Renting a movie or a game never cost $18-$24 unless you had some substantial late fees tacked on. Not even close.

  2. 180% of what? I'll assume you mean dollars again based on OP's post, which reads $180-$240 a year, which is correct. Also, 90 minutes is pretty much the shortest a film can be while still be considered feature length. You'll find that most tend to fall between 2-3 hours, and if I'm paying more than $10 a ticket, it's probably a special showing like iMax, 3D, or both. I've also never bought two tickets when I'm going to the movies alone, that would be ridiculous.

  3. I just re-read the post you are responding to…maybe I missed something. Nope. OP never even hints at what type of games they like. You mention the words "moot point" here. I find that interesting.

  4. You can sell or trade a used game, so you aren't stuck with it. OP even mentions this in the comment you have replied to.

  5. Another confusing and completely made up statistic. Less then 1% of children and teens have played these games? Children and teens have played less than 1% of these games? How could either of those things possibly affect how much value this service can be to me? (Disclaimer: I am not a child or teen. I am also not the legal guardian of a child or teen. I am also not part of the 1% just incase that matters somehow.)

  6. …and people might. If enough of them do, the service may cease to exist. I think it's a safe bet that everyone reading this subreddit wants to see this service thrive.

  7. No.

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