Radicalization can be hidden in any Person

When Steven gave himself up to Aquamarine, he displayed incredible bravery and maturity, despite obviously being afraid.

When Connie hit the boy at school she was impulsive by running without even apologizing, which later saddens her.

When Pearl sings EN Mr. Greg, she shows great attachment to the past and anger at Greg for taking everything from her, but she immediately regrets singing in front of Greg and Steven. Pearl then corrects and tries to clear things up with Greg.

All this is the feeling that they showed at that moment and after it.

When Garnet confronts Peridot, the next day she says "Like your mother, you seem to have a little more patience than the rest of us. But the truth is, not everyone deserves that patience."

This dialogue makes sense if we are talking about someone irredeemable(The Diamonds for example, maybe Jasper), but Peridot? She represents like 75% of the subordinate Gems of the Homeworld (lower or middle class Gems), the same percentage that made up the majority of Crystal Gems, and if Sapphire was high class, would that mean she was unredeemable? Not at all.

Also, when the Offcolors badmouth Rose Garnet she shows the same impulsiveness when saying "You have it all wrong!", but unlike Peridot, she does reason with the fact that that was what they learned in Homeworld. I don't know if it's character development or she just took pity on them being an Offcolor like her (And you know, Crystal Gems are Offcolors).

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