Discord does NOT comply with EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

See, this is a smarter and more stout reply than anyone else has given to the post here. Very big respect for you. Obviously then that's saying that if authorities can identify you, that's on your own, that's because, you allowed them to do so and probably you did something so wrong that they can identify you. Also even just like, sending a selfie in dms and letting it stay there, is a kind of behavior that like, if you do that you can't complain, it was your choice to send it, you could have removed it too. I remember I only sent selfies in servers and as you know, once someone leaves a server or is banned, their messages are deleted.

If what you claim really is what they do, that does comply with GDPR. But we're often unsure here in Europe of how they actually act. Thanks!

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