case 53

Name: PR team is working on it. It's kinda hard to choose a name for this... horrific child. Anyone who she 'likes' can feel free to choose one, though she may or may not listen.

Age: Youngest member of the wards, although the best they can figure out is that she's somewhere around twelve or thirteen.

Physical appearance: Describe your character or link some appropriate art, so that the rest of us know what they look like. It should be noted those with Case 53 powers will be expected to look vastly different to normal humans. This is to stop physiology-based powers just being bags of awesome powers, which don't add anything significant to the character.

Mentality: Thoughts, personality, those things. What kind of person are they, what do they like to do, what may set them off in a rage. Describe your characters mentality, how they would think, or act, on a day to day basis. Don't skimp on this one, it helps us figure out what is and isn't in character. Keep in mind, people with powers will tend towards violence.

Backstory: She's a Case 53, she doesn't remember it, and nobody

Resources: What sort of financial resources and land does this person have? For example they could be a runaway teen with nothing but their clothes, or they could be the head of a multi-million dollar company with multiple properties and bottomless pockets. (Note: the latter is unlikely to be approved.)

Alignment: Hero? Villain? Rogue? Are they a member of the Wards? The Protectorate? Remember, as a Ward, or as a Hero, you are bound within the confines of the law and will be operating under the purview of an administrator. Similarly as a villain you will be bound by the three strikes rule and if you break that you will be sent to the birdcage. You will have exactly one opportunity to escape before your character gets there. Actions have consequences, make you you consider them. If you can, if they are an established cape, stating their public perception here wouldn't hurt.

Equipment/Weaponry: What kind of gear is this character going to bring to a fight? What could you find on them at any given moment? For tinkers, this is especially important. Remember, you can always make more gear but it will need to be approved.

Specializations: Almost everyone has something that they're just good at. Is your character a great medic? Are they a wonder with a whisk in hand? Can they solve a Rubik's cube? Special skills come here, and are generally non-combat.

Versatility: How good are they are using their power in different ways? One application? Ten? Fifty? No need to write the actual number, just a short written statement about their creativity.

Power: Every cape has one. Detail about what makes your creation special. Feel free to go into as much detail as you can, as that'd allow you to get bigger and better things. Keep in mind, though, that capes on the level of the Triumvirate are blocked from use for now. Try for people on mid-level. A capacity to second trigger must be noted here if it exists.

You may also want to note what people think their power is, if its nature is not obvious. Please note if you are aiming for the high tier in this section. Generally speaking we prefer characters to not be high tier if they are your first

Example: This is a new section, give us an example of your characters power in action. Make up a fictional enemy, or use a canon cape as an example. Show us how they would use their power in a fight. It doesn't have to be a short story, but we need to get a sense of how they are applying their abilities. Try and use as much of their arsenal of tricks as you can, it helps with the approvals.

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