So...will I ever have a love life again?

Hello again.

I returned to the post here to see if you had gone ahead and corrected the chart link technical difficulty, and it appears that you have. Excellent. As I mentioned in my original comment I also have a Saturn/Venus contact in my own chart. I know how serious someone with such a contact has to be in order to reach out to others like you have. My firsthand personal experience with having the contact, combined with the shared stories of others I’ve met with it, has shown me that typically we prefer a sort of stoicism in regards to the pain this contact brings. That’s not to say that we don’t occasionally expose this dimension of ourselves to others outside the periphery of our self-constructed safe containers, but it is rare that we do, and when we do, we feel guilt and regret for it. “Who am I to complain about such things? And who the hell are these people I’m sharing this information with? Will they want something from me? Can I deliver it if they do? Are they worth it? Will they want nothing to do with me now? Can I accept that if it happens? Is it immature to feel this way? Do you really need others? Do they really need, and besides, what good are – you?”, are some of the questions the voice in my head has asked itself after having confessed my concern over lonesomeness to strangers or small-time acquaintances in the past. Can you relate to that? I came back because knowing myself, I’d have probably deleted the post after realizing the link part was F’ed up, or even after a mere half of an hour and no response – “closed up shop” socially, saved the “BREAK IN CASE OF EMERGENCY” pane of glass for a rainy(er) day, bit my lower lip and moved on, kept going, alone ...

I came back here to see what you’d done under the circumstances. How serious you were. One thing Saturn does is provides a serious tone to things. Saturn to Venus: a serious tone to our sharing of ourselves, a social caution, a citadel around our ability and willingness to seek out a bond.

When I saw that you hadn’t removed the post, but instead had corrected the link and also responded to the few comments it’d received, I felt compelled to respond again – even if only to let you know that your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. To let you know that they are appreciated and taken seriously. Hopefully, to get across to you that reaching out to/for others isn’t an act in vain.

I’ll talk a little about your chart now. I apologize if the preceding statements come off as random madman ramblings... on second thought, no, i don’t.

your chart: While you do have Venus in the 1st house and Saturn conjunct the Descendant (7th house cusp) – I, personally, would not consider them to be in opposition. In a broad sense, yes, maybe; based on sign/house polarities being emphasized, but in a technical sense (which your Moon in Virgo can appreciate, no?) the orb is to wide to be an opposition. But let’s not rule out that broad sense just yet because... What you DO have is Venus in Capricorn (the sign Saturn rules) in your 1st house (immediately expressed summation of the total identity) and also Saturn conjunct the 7th house cusp (or Descendant)(initiation of equality seeking and relational activities) which is one of Venus’ houses by natural rulership. I don’t know the extent of your astrological understanding, but to place emphasis where it is due: both of these houses are areas which generate activity in any chart – they are starting lines where a metaphorical shot rings out and we’re off! They are fields of expression where our activities are very obvious and active. Planets located within them are always up to something – they give the force represented by the planet a type A undertone, an “I wanna be boss” “I wanna get things done” “I AM this or that here” quality.

So, what I mean to say about your chart specifically, is that despite the aspect between planets not being technically there a significant Venus/Saturn theme emerges still...

And that’s what your question/post was about.

Did you watch the video I linked to in my first reply?

I could go on and on here but anything I say is just going to be reiterations on the theme which I think is treated pretty well in the excerpt of that lecture I shared...

Do you want to hear the same song again with the only differences being a switch up in the rhythm, genre or tempo and maybe some thesaurized variations on the original lyrics?

But I CAN do that, and AM willing to.

First though:

I do want you to know that it IS possible for you to “have a love life again”.

I want you to know that there’s no universal conspiracy against your achieving genine, heartfelt companionship.

I want you to know that your fear is ok. And that your simultaneous longing, is too.

And most importantly, I want you to know more deeply than ever before that: until you commit to valuing yourself more honestly and appropriately, without the comfort of your penchant for harsh self analysis/analysis of others - you can't expect another to make you do so, or do it for you.

It’s probably important to take some time to assimilate information.

To own what should be owned and honor and respect that.

And that goes for all of us...(I'm speaking to myself and as much as I am to you)

I could take this theme and spiral outward to other factors of your chart... so, if you want to talk about it later, after some reflection, and with some degree of surety as to your willingness to confront the perceived dilemma as one which you have responsibilities to yourself to do something about, I’m ok with receiving/responding to PMs... and no, there's no hidden fee.

Sometimes talk produces a mutual healing - the student is the teacher is the student is the teacher... and the rapt attention of either/or/both brings benefits.

I believe in that sort of thing.

In fact, I don't just believe it, I know it.

I'd put my life on it.

I wish you the best.


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