Dog relocation services?

Hey! Thanks for the PM. Firstly just want to say thanks for taking the right steps for rehoming your dog. I know it's a tough call, and it can be hard to come to terms with not having enough time or energy to put in towards training. We've had a few pyrenees come through this year and they are a funny breed that do require some strength and a bit more effort into training.

If you are looking to rehoming privately you can try the craigslist route. I know it sounds strange to suggest it, but it is quite a common route to go. I would suggest asking for a small rehoming fee in the ad (whether you charge it or not is up to you) this keeps people looking for a free dog who aren't ready out of the way. You can take a look at different adoption applications on the internet to see what kind of questions to ask.

If you are looking to surrender to an organization the SPCA is a good one to go through, so is VIDR. For our process we ask that you fill out some paperwork on your dogs personality and behaviour so we can have a bit of an idea on what kind of home would be a good fit. We then ask that you bring any vet records in with you and that your vaccinations are up to date (mainly bordatella and distemper/parvo combo, as these are common strains found in shelter enviornments - so it helps protect your pup), there is also a $100 surrender fee to go towards the cost and caring of your dog while in our care. Things like food, vet checks, etc. Once your dog is in care we do a temperament assessment which will help us really narrow down his specific needs.

Surrenders are by appointment only and wait times vary on how many dogs are in that particular shelters care. To book an appointment you would need to call which ever SPCA is in your area - Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond... A lot of other organizations only take in dogs from shelters and not directly from previous owners, so I would contact VIDRS to find out what their policies are.

I hope that helps. If you have any more questions just shoot me back a message!

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