Check out this wholesale plagiarism of Plinkett's Star Wars reviews

Yeah right, did you even read it? So much of this is lifted straight from that it can't possibly be coincidence.

try describing the characters of the original “Star Wars” trilogy without using superficial details like appearance, job or title.

“The Phantom Menace” lacks any clear protagonist. It wasn’t really about the Jedi, as they had no vested interest in what much of the movie was about. Not to mention, their characters lacked any clear depth or motivation apart from that assigned to them by their superiors. It wasn’t Amidala, as she was more of a plot device. She didn’t grow or change. The closest thing to a protagonist the film had was Anakin, but he wasn’t introduced until 45 minutes in, and once he finally appeared, the audience couldn’t relate to him very well.

For example, early in the film after an assassination attempt, Obi Wan recklessly leaps from a building to catch a fleeing robot. This is just a complete failure in characterization. This is a brash, headstrong move, but instead of being done by the character that is supposed to behave in this manner, it’s done by the one that explicitly is not supposed to do these sorts of things.

The characters of Anakin and Padme have nothing in common, and there is no reason for them to be interested in one another. Lucas just puts two attractive people in romantic settings. I guess in his mind that’s how romance works.

There are so many problems with this movie that it’s hard to list them all. Samuel L. Jackson has no business being in this movie. He’s cast in a role that fails to acknowledge his strengths as an actor (getting really mad) and seems like just a cheap ploy to attempt to appeal to what Hollywood calls “the urban demographic” which is how Hollywood says “black people” without seeming racist.

Which brings us to Yoda. Yoda has no business using a lightsaber. His character is all about overcoming physical limitations.

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