Want to find a certain episode? A certain RLM scene? Ask here! Vol. V

This is a very obscure one.

I believe it is a BOTW episode and possibly a Plinketto.

Jay is standing in the VHS library with a reoccurring guest, or possibly Rich Evans. I only remember that it isn’t Mike - because Mike is talking from offscreen.

The other individual is reading the synopsis from the VHS box of a film. When for whatever reason: Jay references the viral video wherein a pair of women are standing on a raised platform, stomping grapes with their feet to make wine - when one falls over.

The video is “famous” because one woman falls badly out of the mashing bucket, off the table, and onto the ground. She then instantly starts to make a bizarre ululating cry which is clearly the product of intense pain. For some reason, the sound is so perplexing that nobody really reacts - and the other woman in the shot starts to laugh a little because she doesn’t realize the severity of the fall. This is a Live TV broadcast and I think it may even be the reporter who falls. The camera just kind of holds forever on dead space while people slowly react to help her. It’s surreal. And it’s Live.

This viral clip is cut from the larger broadcast, what quickly cuts back to the News Anchors (sometimes this part is not in the viral version/s). The male anchor in that broadcast is my friends father (Ken MacLeod, who currently works for WBZ-TV Boston.) and said friend is ironically the one who turned me onto Red-Letter-Media.

The two of them are good lads. And his dads reaction to the Live clip is probably what makes it funny to a lot of people, including myself. Because it’s not the woman’s pain that is hilarious (since this is actually pretty horrible), but the way the Anchors react to this complete oddity of Live television. Which is exactly how you would expect them to.

Here is a clip of the actual viral video in question > https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-RVyoAVgeyI <

The part of the clip where the woman falls is briefly shown on the episode in question, directly between Jay mentioning it and the responses he gets.

After Jay references this, whoever is standing opposite him seems confused. I think it maybe Jack. Jay says something to the effect of “You must have seen this, everyone has.” when Mike from off camera replies “We don’t all watch your foot-fetish videos, Jay.”.

I saw this episode while intoxicated and I have no recollection of which one wherein this is mentioned. I instantly sent a message to my friend, and when I looked later he had asked (of course) which episode this occurred in. Unfortunately I have no idea - and was unable to retrace my own steps through my YouTube history. I thought at first it was the Patton Oswalt / Plinketto episode (#8 I think) and this proved to be incorrect.

In any case, the scene occurs early in the episode. While they are still in the film library.

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