Chefstep's 'Ultimate Average Chocolate Chip Cookie'


Was super excited to try out this recipe since none of their recipes have failed me before and this one was no different. I had some minor adjustments like halving the recipe and lining with al-foil beneath the baking paper (since my pan was darker and thus ran hotter), but other than that I followed the recipe as is.

Texture wise, the cookies were PERFECT. It had a perfect blend of chew, goo and crisp. Flavour wise however, I thought it was good but definitely could’ve been better. Next time I would brown the butter, let it cool down then proceed as normal - perhaps also add some milk or water to make up for liquid evaporation - and maybe also double the vanilla extract.

Also, some other stuff they published with the recipe I thought was pretty cool and worth sharing:

- 'Cookie calculator', a guide on what adjustments to make to get your desired cookie (extra chew, extra crisp etc.):

- A compilation of the 10 best cookie recipes:

- Explanation behind the process in making a cookie:

- Explanation on the different ingredients that go into a cookie:

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