White House moved records of president's conversations with foreign officials on to separate computer system

I've never been won to jump on the bandwagon. I consider myself centre left, I usually avoid this sub because it's usually it's too obviously left for me but this, this is brand new.

There's only two options here

  • Pelosi is one of the stupidest American politicians to ever live


  • There is some serious dirt on Trump

I don't think it's possible for Trump to not be impeached in the house anymore. It's not a if, it's a when. This boils down to the Senate. Pelosi knows how dirty McConnell is and she's seen how impeachment can ruin the speakers career (See Newt Grinrich). The fact that she thinks the Dems can find things so egregious, that even the Senate would have no choice but to flip is astounding.

I'm looking at this way more as a historical event more than anything.

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