Do you find chubby people attractive?

I’ve let myself go a little bit so I guess I would be classified as “chubby” and I hate it. Worst thing I’ve ever let myself go for. Thighs constantly chafe and hurt, my legs start hurting for no reason, I literally have trouble walking up the steps, and it hurts to wear high waisted pants or anything that squishes my stomach. I don’t find myself attractive at this point in my life because I feel so miserable about my weight. Yes, it’s only 20 pounds, but fuckin’ hell it’s the worst 20 pounds I’ve ever experienced.

Anywho I personally wouldn’t date someone who is overweight or chubby because it’s not healthy and it’s not a fun life to live. Plus, I have to live with an overweight parent and I’ve experienced with them all of their ups and downs and honestly I’m done.

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