Civcraft, in my eyes

The following post is a sort of review and opinion on Civcraft as a whole, and the concept of using Minecraft as a social experiment.

A (sort of) brief explanation of my history in Minecraft before and during Civcraft

Before Civcraft I played on a small factions server, unlike the average 100+ populated server with a hailstorm of plugins the one I called home was very simple, with factions being the only game changer. What set it apart from most, or what I had believed to set it apart, was the "real" feeling to the server, real politics and wars over real things and a very realistic feeling to the server. At least it was as realistic as Minecraft can get. Sometime during that servers height I had stumbled upon Civcraft via a post on /r/Minecraft. Instantly I was attracted to the server and very eager to jump in the game. The thought of social experiments had always intrigued me, and that lust for something like Civcraft was only amplified after reading about the Minecraft Closed Map Experiment. To say the least, Civcraft seemed like the perfect place for me. My Civcraft career in total is a blur of murder, theft, grief an other unethical ways getting wealthy. I've been pearled numerous times on numerous accounts, for things I'm not exactly proud of doing. To say the least, I surprised myself with all the crimes I committed, it wasn't what I came to the server to do. It felt to easy to steal, kill and grief, it's so satisfying and quite honestly enjoyable. I thought of myself as an ethical person, and basically the opposite of what I'd become on the server. I was licentious, and felt no remorse toward those that I committed crimes against. But what does this have to do with the point of this post?

My opinion on Civcraft and Minecraft as a social experiment

There is no other way to describe Civcraft then as beautiful. It is literally a perfect example of people simulating real world affairs in a video game. People are ambitious, setting out to do things most would think are not possible in survival Minecraft. People oppose them, with political ideas or even simple things like the way they play the game. It creates a perfect simulation. Minecraft gives us a nice pallet to create various situations and with the help of plugins it can be almost perfected. A world has been created that fits exactly what is trying to be accomplished. I'm not exactly sure the point in this post, I've wanted to personally thank not only the creator(s) of Civcraft but all the players for an amazing experience. I plan on hanging around in the End and certainly lurking on the sub to keep up with things. This post is sort of all over the place and probably really incoherent as I typed it all on my iPhone's 4s. I wanted to say something like this for a while now, expressing how impressed I am with the server and my interest in the idea of a Minecraft social experiment.

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