ELI5: The millennial generation appears to be so much poorer than those of their parents. For most, ever owning a house seems unlikely, and even car ownership is much less common. What exactly happened to cause this?

To reuse your earlier state regarding how i know nothing about your life, the same applies about me. My life has never been easy, I've had to fight for everything I've ever accomplished, and fight even harder to keep it. You think I'm not successful, and with as jaded as I am with people these days you're probably right. You see my measure of success is based on my ability to use my skills and talents in whatever way best served others. So....before my cumulative injuries incurred in close combat against armed enemies took my ability to continue to take action I considered myself to be very successful. Since my skills are no longer able to be fully utilized I must now change the course of my life. This was a contingency I began planning for as a teenager. Now I've got the means to pick up and continue with my life. Because I saw what was changing in the world when I was growing up and worked my ass off to keep up with the pace of that change. Instead of attempting to better their lives through hard work, dedication and sacrifice, people bitch and gripe about how a generation earlier had things so much easier. You're an enabler, standing up for those who are too pathetic to make their own way in life. Stop talking about it unless the talking involves well thought out courses of action to fix what's broken. Now having said all this..I have no illusions that I'm a good person by any stretch. However, until a year ago I lived my life in the service of others. I tried to actively change what I saw wrong in the world around me. I'm done with that shit. People outside of friends and family can fix their own mistakes. I have true life experiences behind my opinions. Good, bad and ugly. I've walked the walk. Now let me get this straight, in your opinion it's better to sit on ones ass and bitch about how terrible they have it in life rather than getting off their asses and making change where necessary? The Military, as I stated is not for everyone. People need to identify their own problems and make their own solutions. As for your comment about 'Murica. . Fuck you! I've traveled all over this shit show of a world. I directed my portion of commentary towards my own, as the rest of the world have their own governments, systems of education and opportunitie. I leave it to the citizens of those countries to unfuck their own situations. I've lived and fought on foreign soil, I've paid more than my share of dues to society in general and quite frankly have become rather jaded about the crying masses who expect everything to be easy. Times change, challenges are different for each new generation. People can choose to either adapt & overcome or cry about how unfair their lives are. But don't expect silence when the subject is something I'm intimately familiar with. People are free to complain, and I'm free to let them know that because of their lack of action, I feel they simply suck at life.

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