Clarification: P3 complete players can expect 7% more tokens with upcoming patch

This sounds bad in a vacuum, but there are other changes which will help. Pre series 3 complete players will be able to get one free series 3 card a month and earn more tokens than before. It was about 5 weeks for these players to get a series 3 card from tokens, now it should be less plus the free card means 2 series 3 cards a month outside of the normal cache drop. This also helps series 3 complete players because when the series 4 cards drop to 3, these players get one of those for free, which speeds up completing series 3 again so they can earn the most tokens again, this is on top of the marginal token increase and how the token shop will be laid out to give players more choices for targeting S4/5 cards they want.

The increase in tokens is marginal, but on top of the other changes it should all compound together and make collecting faster than it used to be.

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