Climate crisis seriously damaging human health, report finds

Ugh, every time I tried talking to them about how gradual climate change is, and even explain the history of climatic research, I get bullied and told that I'm a moron. No, it should be obvious, at this point. If the breaking of ice in the Arctic and the abundance of melted ice in Greenland isn't enough to show that climate change is real, even theoretically, then I don't know what will convince them. Their source is they didn't go to Greenland, so they just "dOn'T KnOw." There are so many sources nowadays. There are researchers you can follow on social media, follow scientific literature, even YouTube videos that show the effects of climate change. It's just so obvious now. It's highly irresponsible to rely on fossil fuels, and quite frankly... I'm exhausted... Sorry, had to vent, hi fellow Canadian.

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