Trump’s climate change denial will be tested by Houston’s devastation - Hurricanes are nothing new but the US has seen two of its worst storms ever in a little over a decade

I'm sorry, but you're just being a fucking idiot.

You're making up ridiculously idiotic strawmans "Oh, if this is responsible for a cat 4, why did we have cat 5's years ago?"

It's THIS god damn storm, not all of them. THIS fucking storm would have been a cat 1 or 2 without the climate shifts. If it had been set up to be a Cat 5, under the new climate regime it would have been something truly monstrous.

You've decided that climate has nothing to do with Harvey and you want to keep arguing that point.. when it's just wrong. You're trying to say, well Harvey would have happened anyway.. WHICH NOT A GOD DAMN PERSON BUT YOU is arguing. Climate Shifts ENHANCE, which is something that you seem patently unable to grasp.

As far as physics.. How much energy is added to a system when you increase the temperature by 1 degree C?

How much does it shift the available energy for a storm when that energy is concentrated in an eddy.

I am done discussing this with you. You have no interest in anything other than what you've already decided. You are wrong, your basic assumptions are wrong and you lack the ability to understand just exactly why you are wrong.

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