Cognitive Dissonance, improvement and arrogance

I get that when people post here they are subject to have it regurgitated to them as in /u/Cordtu case. But you also have to take what you can from it.

In the first instance: There is some degree of luck to a winrate. You can only carry so much. Some of my best statiscal work have been in loses. Some of my worst have been wins. There are however, some truly bad players out there with many games that talk down to others. Blame the team consistently. Give up at the first sign of chance to win etc... I can't tell you how many players I've had to watch chirp me or my team with WN8's under 800 and have played into the 10k games mark. They talk about how bad everyone else is, die doing nothing and stick around to blame the team and tell us how bad we are and LIE about how much damage they have done.

Unicums/Bluenicums: Now I will say this, I've probably met more assholes then nice ones. But to paint them all with one brush is a little absurd. There are a lot of guys who will communicate with you in game, will salute you if you salute them, offer advice in a situation etc... I think my favorite all time, and I don't know if he posts here, is "Dodoma." This guy seems to have all the time in the world for anyone. I've never met a nicer player in this game than him. Another, I can't remember his full IGN name, is HPOWANNIHILATOR (sp?). These are two guys I go out of my way to salute (Not to suck up, just out of respect... although HPOW does chirp lol).

Commenting on game time: I have no idea how many games he's played. But Cordtu is a guy I don't mind listening too when it comes to advice. He may have some issues. But he has been a knowledgeble sort for me. I've invested a lot of time in this game in about two years. My normal average can be anywhere from 1-2 hours of game time per day but I do have chances to binge. I could invest 8 hours a day... and still be average. Game time isn't always what makes you great at this game. There is a natural ability that people tend to forget about. Some guys can pick up a game and just own it. Others, struggle (I struggled! Still do sometimes).

If he has 3 games of CWs... maybe he shouldn't comment... agreed. I have 1! And it was a RDDTX, fuck it lets do it with barely any T9s and only 10 tankers CW... So yeah... you can guess how that went!

Again, (Although I can't speak for him... just a personal thing) the terrible player remark I think is more for the asshole terrible player not the majority of terrible players. I play to have fun. I do like to win but I just want to play well enough to have a bit of fun. Even when I got full yolo retard, I still have fun (Pretty sure my RDDTX mates have heard me swear and laugh at my own demise before). I'll never be the most skilled player and I don't plan on it. I do watch my stats every now and then and do take pride in them when they show something to be proud of (Like the 60% win rate I reached for a recent... my current banner on Twitter! Its gone back down since... lol).

The object of any game is to have fun. People need to remember that. Don't focus on every word, look for under lying meanings and don't get so annoyed. After all, its all personal opinion. Happy hunting!

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