AMA with with WG Publishers and WG NA

  • When can we expect new Frontline maps? Surely we're not expected to play on the same map for the entire year?
  • Why is DPM to HP ratio at lower tiers many times greater than at tier 10? There are many tier 2 tanks that can clip the entire enemy tank in less than 3 seconds. I think it makes for a very bad new player experience and it isn't a good representation of what WoT is at higher tiers.
  • Why are HP differences between tiers so high? Comparing KV-1 and IS, IS has 2x HP, 2.4x alpha and can 1 shot many tier 5 tanks with a high roll. IMO this makes +-2 MM very unfair, painful and not fun.
  • The consensus among CCs in EU, and maybe elsewhere, is that you don't do anything to address the issues they point out to you in various meetings. Some CCs have stopped going to such meetings because they consider them to be pointless. Why aren't you reacting to their feedback in a proper way by actually fixing the problems they point out to you?
  • Why are very powerful tanks like the Chieftain and Obj.907 given to the best players as a clan wars reward? Both of this tanks are now used in clan activity and will be in future clan wars. How can clans without such powerful tanks compete against the clans who do have such tanks? How is that fair in a game mode that is all about competition?
  • Player consensus is that SPG class is bad for the game and should be removed or changed. Given this fact, why have you introduced a new campaign that has missions that require the use of SPG to complete them. This increases the number of SPGs in the MM, making the game less enjoyable for more people.
  • Why don't you re-balance the tanks with every patch and why does it take literally years to buff/nerf tanks? On the other hand, if your balancing process is so long and tedious, why was Obj.279e buffed so quickly after release considering you had a very sample size compared to tech tree vehicles like Leopard 1 and IS-4, both of which are very weak?
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