Confession of a 48 yo Indian wife

One has very rarely come across such articulation coupled with such lustful wanting - you seem to be one of those very rare individuals! I have immensely enjoyed reading all your posts/comments very much. Your lustful, horny side is amply clear, you love to be fucked like a whore. And I am sure that the temperatures, volumes, smells and intensity soar uncontrollably as you fuck and are fucked.

Do you also enjoy the long tease? The buildup over a game of strip <insert your favorite game here, chess maybe?>, the reading of an erotic book together, the watching of an erotic movie together. A full day of tease, a full week of wait, a month full of secret groping - fingers and stroking just enough to get the wetness or hardness going - the slow tease, a long foreplay?

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