This is all controlled from the bank of international settlements in Switzerland. An organization with an obscure past (check wikipedia) with dealings with the Nazis and their melted gold.

The Central bank of central banks that nobody knows what they do. Had (or maybe still has) private investors and yet they can buy up to 25% of the world assets because "reasons". They have diplomatic immunity, they are unelected and every central banker has to spend years working there before working for their own country and visit every month. But nobody knows what is their objective, or can see their books etc even when thouse public officials receive money as public employees of their own countries.

    Their dealings were so obscure that after WW2 all europe demanded to have it closed, and they managed to do it. But at the end they didn't. Guess someone found its "utility".

Now they give AML governance """recommendations""" to countries all over the planet to know everything about everybody in the planet but of course themselves that do not respond to anyone.

All inside the beautiful and highly democratic Switzerland. That is what i cannot understand. How the Swiss allow this unethic and antidemocratic organization.

And how they are allowing this economic WAR from Switzerland against every country in the planet.

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