Console commands led me to Skyrim Hell, ruled by the Thalmor

I think I downloaded a mod like this once, the description said it was pretty old and a lot of people liked it.

All in all, I had a pretty good time in the end, but I had a few gripes:

Having the last Dovahkiin's name permanently set to "BJ" at the beginning I think is pretty juvenile, I mean, what were they thinking?

They had a menu of quests which were pretty hamfistedly slapped together, just a scrawled note semi-explaining what you were doing in each quest and then basically dropped into a horrible castle-looking dungeon you couldn't even escape back to the overworld.

I mean, 90% of the time you were in this so called "dungeon" but it looked really terrible, last gen even, so much so that I think the colors must have been slapped together at the last moment. Even most things around you couldn't really be interacted with.

A LOT of things were disabled, you couldn't jump or shout until you beat the boss at the end of each "Quest" and then even when you did, it would crash and go back to the main screen. There wasn't even a map function I could check anymore, I had to basically map out each area myself (what a pain in the ass)!

Gold and treasure was everywhere, but there weren't any merchants to sell anything to you, so it was pretty pointless to find everything. What made it worse was that for some reason they thought it would be a good idea to time you, to see how fast you could finish each quest. I don't think it even had any effect on the gameplay. Other than this stupid stat box that kept on showing up before the loading screen for each new area.

I ended up getting lost quite a number of times because the textures all looked the same and the areas bled into each other. Anyway, there were all these symbols on the walls that made me uneasy, and for some reason there were pictures of the last boss (some kind of Thalmor King, I guess?) posted everywhere.

What made it worse was that, all the enemies started to blur together and look like male Nords in different clothing and Re-Textured Wolves (Damn, there were a lot of them!) and they all spoke a different language (Aldmeri, I'm guessing?). And for some reason when I killed them, I couldn't walk all the way around the corpses...some kind of forced perspective bullshit I dunno what the creator was going for...

I finally reached the near end of the mod (Took me days, and I died so many times), and I kept on running into phantoms (with the Thalmor King's head?), which shot fireballs at me but they were REALLY slow and easy to avoid.

Considering how "famous" the Thalmor King is supposed to be in the Dwarven Centurion at the end, I was saddened at how easy he was to kill with the repeating crossbow, especially since he had quad repeating crossbows at his disposal. He said something in that language I mentioned earlier and then started trying to kill me as soon as we made contact, well, I guess that makes sense?

At one point there must have been a glitch or something, because when I thought I had killed him he said something else, and then he stepped out of the ruined automaton and started attacking me with full health! Can anyone else confirm this?

Anyway, I killed him and the mod finally ended, but now I have many more questions then answers.

There's this one thing that's been bugging me though: Does anyone know which NPC "Eva" is? She doesn't actually appear in the mod, but for some reason she's a main component of the backstory with the Thalmor King, maybe I'm not understanding things correctly...?

Anyway, that's the last time I download an obscure Mod based on some old reviews. Really it's remarkably strange, the mod's been around before Skyrim even came out...since at least 1992, that has to be an error they made, right?

Right, you guys?

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