Why do containers need to be childproof & keep away from kids?

If you talk about something as fact when you have no idea what you’re talking about that should be grounds for getting banned. Spreading misinformation is a travesty to this industry and the more this shitty information gets spread, the less incentive growers and producers to actually put out true quality, they just have to do the bare minimum as long as they cover the few things that people care about like looks of a bud but not how white the ash is or the color of an extract (which can be made from black to clear gold through color remediation) instead of whether it flares up, sparks or gives you tingling or burning in your sinuses. The more disinformation is spread around this industry, the more that shady, shitty brands will spread because when you choose to take something as fact from something you read on Reddit and then go around spouting it like gospel, you’re not only an idiot, you’re also a huge part of the problem.

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