Rich students who have poor classmates become (i) more prosocial, generous, and egalitarian; and (ii) less likely to discriminate against poor students, and more willing to socialize with them. These effects are driven by personal interactions between rich and poor students.

I went to a fancy “elite private prep school” during high school. The tuition was insane (comparable to some universities), but they gave out around 7 million in financial aid every year so there was a good mix of both wealthy and poor students.

I definitely noticed a lot of the mentioned things going on (by myself included). Mostly things like paying for food/snacks when going out with friends.

From time to time I felt guilty about growing up in a wealthy family. But it’s not my fault for being born, right? That was the main motivation for helping out my friends. If I have this privilege, I might as well use it to to help the people around me who aren’t as fortunate - even if it’s only through small gestures.

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