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Have any of you guys ever watched Jeopardy, when they have the tournaments with the little kids? They're like 10-12 or some shit. Well, you know how all the non-age-specific questions (so not stuff like children's books/television) are so easy it's laughable? You know how there's not even a point in watching it because it's just boring? The entire world is like that for me. I've never been officially IQ tested since I was a little kid, but that doesn't matter. I taught myself how to read when I was 18 months old, taught myself how to solve a Rubik's Cube when I was 5 or 6, and surpassed a college reading level by third grade. "Gifted" was thrown around a lot by my teachers. My mother once tested at IQ 160, and I am far above her. In my senior year, I took on my entire Genetics class in a Jeopardy-style tournament (9 buzzers against 1) and demolished them. I could continue to blather on about the myriad of ways I've proven myself to be of remarkably high intelligence, but there isn't any point. The point is: the world just bores me. I routinely find myself encountering people who have problems, and it just amazes me how these ordinary people can be so unbelievably stupid. These people in my family, at my job, or wherever. I really feel like I'm working with small children, here. What do you MEAN you can't solve this minor engineering/craftsmanship/organization problem? I could have solved this when I was in kindergarten! How can you drive a car and pay your taxes and prepare food and other such tasks while being so ridiculously stupid?! Shouldn't your mind have collapsed in on itself because there is nothing in there? I just don't get it. The universe isn't filled with wonder or mystery or magic or any of that shit. It's all just boring. If I even give a half-ass attempt at something, I excel at it, and it's gotten to the point of total apathy. I hear or men who spend their entire lives trying to crack the secret of pleasuring women; well, I'm gay (more of a functional asexual these days, though) and one day in high school I got bored and figured that all out with a lesbian who had fallen in love with me. Everything is like that for me. That old adage about 10,000 hours to master something? Probably would only take me 100, though I've always gotten bored after reaching a position of reasonable skill after less than half that, so I quit and move onto something else. The entire world is so boring that I've tired of it. The problems of the world are really quite simple, even matters like hunger, disease, war, poverty, etc. Solving them is so simple a child could do it, modified of course by the fact that all of it is prevented merely by human stupidity. I've long since moved on to solving problems in fictional universes because there are more variables. I'm the kind of guy you might see writing long-winded proofs that pick apart mindfuck plots and find the reasoning that nobody else can. Nonetheless, I am even starting to tire of that. I won't even pretend to claim that I've accomplished anything of note. Oh sure, I got bored one year and wrote a full-length novel that I consider technically better than anything ever written… but then people don't read books because they're well-written; they read them because they're filled with their teenage fantasies about sparkling sex vampires and magic schools and other such insipid nonsense. Well-written books aren't popular and they don't make the writer money; they're what your teacher makes you read in high school. Beyond that, however? I just don't care. I care about as much at excelling in this boring, boring world as you would care about a fat, steaming dog turd on the sidewalk. It's there, it's ugly, it fucking stinks, but it's not very interesting. You do your best to avoid it because it's not your problem. It's just a pile of shit that isn't worth your time. I am tired of living among babies who can barely figure out how to wipe their own ass. I am tired of being surrounded by fools. I am tired of being treated like a fool by people who assume my own intelligence is as pitifully limited as their own. I am tired of being able to see how the entire universe works, how every problem can be solved, and yet comprehending how deeply my own apathy toward it all is. I am tired of not mattering in a universe that does not matter. The only thing that remains is wondering how much longer I can stand this exhausting boredom before I just pack up and leave.

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