[Stupidity Sunday] What's the dumbest thing you've done while training?

Well it's half offtopic in the sense that it was just a dumb thing I did yesterday that's non fitness related. TLDR: I had some gril nonaction.

So a very good friend of mine invites us over for his wife birthday party, and because the dude is golden he invited my crush as well despite not knowing her in person.

It's a costume party, and Im wearing my pajamas and a horse mask. Gril shows up and she's wearing some hot dress with bells or whatthefuckthatwas. After drinx and jokes and flirting we started dancing and grinding and she's making sweet eyes and biting lips and all that jazz so at that point I'm like a bull. I Made a move a couple of times, she made a move backwards, and I'm like "K. it's cool no problemino".

So naturally, I started flirting with another gril, with whom we are on bad terms since she's always an asshole when she's around and I don't like assholes, but she's also attractive and she turns me on, so it's a weird love/hate thing - you know.

Again flirting/dancing/sweet eyes but I made no move, because I actually still wanted gril A despite the fact she's flirting/grinding with some douchebags (one of which is married and the other has long distance grl - both of which major cockblockers and total UNbros unlike my main bro who threw the party).

At some point I'm about to leave and my plan is to tell gril A to come with me outside to tell her goodnight, so as I say goodnight to gril B, she hugs, and she didn't crosskiss (euro thing) so I commanded her to kiss me and she did on my lips.

Now normally this isn't any big deal but at that point I had drunk approximately 0.5L rum and with all that non-action all I'm thinking that this is how I'm getting laid.

And then of course we go outside to talk and I found my self telling her how I've always found her attractive and that Ive been an asshole to her because I like her etc etc. To which she replies to me that I shouldn't make fun of her and that I shouldn't be joking and that she doesn't know if I'm serious. She also told me she's horny and that I should stop kissing her and fondling her etc.

We texted a bit when I arrived home (530am wooohooo) and then texted some more today, she's like "we should hang out a bit because I don't know you and maybe we should be friends" and some stuff like that to which I replied that we won't be friends but we can hang out to learn me.

You might have found the story super anticlimactic, partly because it is. But it's the most action I've had in the past 7+ months and I'm THRILLED. So thrilled that I will actually update the spreadsheet with specific changes, just reply so that I can find everything tomorrow.

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