Create your own, original super-hero team. Convice other redditors your team would beat theirs. Defend your honor!

Name: The group doesn't really have proper name, since they are just a bunch of solo players concentrated around Farsight. Though they are mostly called "Loners", "Lone Wolves" or "Those Mother@#$%ers". Putting that matter aside, they are a team of superpowered high-schoolers with different motives, but in most cases common objectives.

Base of operations: Their hideout is Evan's treehouse. Maybe it doesn't sound impressive, but who would really look for superheroes in treehouse? Exactly. Sometimes they also hold their meetings in Giraff's basement.


Tacet (Giraff Ebenezer Ralt) - He is Nephilim - the host of fallen angel named Dumah, who seeks redemption by being reborn in different people and learning about world, which he tried to destroy. Giraff was born in hippie family, what he finds embarassing (along with his given name) and wants to live on his own. He is rather straightforward and righteous person, that acts as leader of the group.

Tacet derives his powers from Angel of Deathly Silence. It allows him to slow time in entire universe, what makes him seem to be relatively stronger and faster. Theoretically he can decrease time flow infinitely, but the more he slows time, the more exhausting for him it becomes.

Uroboros (Victoria Archer) - Daugther of once prominent hero, who falled and started to abuse alcohol, what made almost everyone turn their backs on him. Angry at entire world for disregarding her father, she decided to become villain. It is not known who would she become, if she hasn't meet Evan, who convinced her to join his team.

Victoria is an esper with power called [Event Tracer]. Commonly she is known to be power replicator, who can copy ability regardless of it's origin, though it's whole truth. She was born with close connection to Akashic records and her power is rather closer to time manipulation. Uroboros is able to recreate any supernatural phenomenon, she has seen by grasping it's origin in Akashic records. Though it may be not as powerful as it seems, since she cannot copy things like physiology and she doesn't get full access to power, but only to it's applications, that she has seen. Also she is physically average human.

Mahō-shōjo (Takeshi Faust) - After losing their former avatars in human world, the queens of Faerie Courts: Mab and Tytania (under effect of watching too much anime) decided to recruit new ones among 14 years old girls. Though Queen of Eternal Winter wouldn't be herself, if she didn't try to abuse rules. And that's how 17 years old male Japanese-American deliquent became magical girl.

Upon transformation Takeshi turns into a cute, 14 years old gothic lolita. But that appearance may be deceiving. As avatar of Unseelie Court - the Knight of Fleeting Autumn - his physique is raised to superhuman levels (superstrength, supersonic speed, resistance to magic and near immunity to physical trauma as long as it's not inflicted with iron) and allows him to draw power from others' fear. Furthermore he gains few Faerie contracts, that made him able to control wind or decay and magical wand, which takes form of twin swords.

Superbia (Emma?) - A young witch with uncear past. She is extremely cocky and pompous loafer. The thing, that said sorceress cares the most is her look. She has never revealed her true name, though the rest of team is reffering to her as Emma.

Emma derives her magic from the sin of Superbia and concept of ruling. It allows her to enforce her control over people or powers, that were touched by her shadow, which she can reshape at will. She also has a bunch of other spells like the one transfering almost any trauma to her reflection in the mirror (or any reflective surface) or other, that creates holes in anything, that has its shadow pierced by hers.

Farsight (Evan Straight) - A teenage boy with sense of justice even stronger than Giraff's. He is the most pumped up to be hero member of team, despite the fact, that his power is the weakest. That is making him feel bitter and imposes him rather supportive role. Evan acts as binder of the entire team.

He is esper, whose power is clairvoyance called [Distant Eye]. It allows him to extend his sight, so he can see things 1 kilometer away from him like it was right next to him regardless of obstacles like walls. He can also manipulate things he sees with his ability with force equal to 10 N. It doesn't look strong, though when you consider, that without his morals he could use it to peep into someones brain or heart...

Group dynamic: They are bunch of overpowered guys, that hate each other, but are binded together by Evan, who, despite being weakling compared to them, is on good terms with them all. He befriended with Giraff due to their similar mindset and convinced Victoria, who since then has crush on him, to become hero rather than villain. He is also childhood friend of Takashi. Emma on the other hand likes his company, since she can look down on him.

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