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I don't see you denying that you're Chinese. Well, it was pretty obvious anyway.

And why should I, I mean Australia is a multicultural country isn't it?

Now you're just going for a low blow with this nonsense. How amusing. Thanks for proving that you aren't worthy of my time.

Except most of this "nonsense" I said is true, and its not my fault you can't handle it.

The Philippines is developing just as China is, we just don't trample on others while we do so.

Calling Philippines developing is generous, and pretty much the only reason why you don't trample others is probably not because you don't want to, but because you can't.

I mean remember 2012? If you really had that power, that wouldn't have happened to you.

We are not friends, don't insult me.

Someone's is a bit salty, its just a figure of speech mate, don't take it too literally :)

You haven't said any facts, only your personal fantasies.

The fact is America, Great Britain, the Romans didn't get to where they are/were without conquering the weak whilst they are strong. That is just historical fact you can not deny, but judging by your country's history and what happened in Scarborough Shoal its not a wonder you don't understand that concept.

Here are some more fact I wrote to help you understand why compared to China, Philippines is like a 3rd world country, and believe me those stats from the IMF, the World Bank etc are most likely not "personal fantasies".

But please, I do love schooling ignorant nationalists like you, keep it up.

Oh believe me I don't think I am the one being schooled here.

The best part is how some of the most rabid Chinese nationalists don't even live in China.

Oh they do, its called the CCP and trust me compared to them I am as "rabid of a nationalist" as Philippine's PPP compared to China's. Besides you seem pretty nationalistic in your comments yourself, pretty ironic that you attack me as one as well don't you think?

Shouldn't you put your money where your mouth is?

Ah yes the good old I don't have any logical arguments against you so I am going to call you a shill approach. So I have a different opinion, an opinion you don't like but backed up by facts and I may come off as a dick, but that is not sufficient evidence to accuse me of being a shill. And that's common sense mate, hope you can master it one day.

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