D&D Without a DM: First Impressions

Here's our questions.

Scene #1: Bomb Goes Off in a square E: Ambiguous Significance: Proceedings regarding Pleasures Q: #1 EXCEPTIONAL NO Q: Is the festival in the Casbah? YES Q: #3 EXCEPTIONAL NO Q: Is the Bride Human? NO Q: #6 Fascinating Oldness Q: Temporal Bomb? EXCEPTIONAL YES Q: Are the old races frozen in time? Terrifying Intelligence Q: #9 NO Q: are we injured? EXCEPTIONAL YES Q: Is Desst in disguise? YES Q: Is the explosion fire damage? YES Q: Does he attack Bronn YES Q: Is she too far gone? EXCEPTIONAL YES Q: Does he attack pavel? NO Q: does he attack a civ? YES Q: Are the effects of the blast over? YES E: Action by Gahin: a Fight over Opposition Q: Would Gahin Flee? EXCEPTIONAL NO Q: Does he attack brix? EXCEPTIONAL YES Q: does the gear have insignia? EXCEPTIONAL NO Q: Is the time freeze still in effect? YES Q: is it pinned? EXCEPTIONAL NO Q: Does the cart have the Wayne insignia? NO Q: Does the city guard come? EXCEPTIONAL YES Q: have they arrived? NO Q: does the city guard know the details? EXCEPTIONAL NO Q: Is this related to underdark forces? NO Q: are we waylaid NO Q: Are we being followed? YES Q: Are they city guard? EXCEPTIONAL YES Q: Do we make it down the manhole? EXCEPTIONAL NO Q: Is it just MAddox? NO Q: do the guards notice? YES Q: do we proceed without interruption? EXCEPTIONAL YES

Scene #2 :Inside the the Wayne manor, the heroes meet to discuss the crisis.

Q: #35 A Small, Notable Example of Squalor Q: Does Dest make the connection btw Gahin and Thurs Fascinating Friendliness, Alfrid Q: #37 NO Q: Does maddox know anything about the attack? NO Q: does inspector know if they are still frozen NO Q: does alfird know the true identity of gordo YES Q: does inspector maddox recognize the nature of the magic? EXCEPTIONAL YES Q: Would the factions know? YES Q: Would a criminal faction? NO Q: Does the white glove know? Pleasant Sexuality Q: Does anything happen over the night? A Sudden Change involving Grandiosity, Inspector Maddox

Scene #3: A Night in Waegn Manor

Q: #46 A Revelation regarding Grandiosity Q: #47 A Complete Lack of Hope Q: #48 An Incredible Display of Competence, Alford Q: Is Inspector Maddox Captured NO Q: Did he open the door EXCEPTIONAL NO Q: Does the thornwhip hit pavel in the dark YES Q: Does Maddox return YES Q: Do the daggers bear insignia NO Q: Are the documents sealed YES Q: Does Dest recognize the seal stamp NO Q: Does Dest recognize the music YES Q: Does Maddox offer to provide a guard EXCEPTIONAL YES Q: Are any of the guards in this contingent on the take NO

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