Decided to rearrange / tidy up my room / shelves a bit today..

Firstly, I fucked up and committed the cardinal sin of not taking a “before” picture, so I’m sorry about that. But these shelves/their surrounding areas were a mess. I hadn’t cleaned them in months, so for whatever reason I decided to today. I’m pretty happy with how they’re looking now (minus the negatives, I literally don’t have anywhere to put them). My room feels less cluttered, which is nice. And before, all my gear was just thrown on the shelves, mixed in with accessories and literal junk, so I’m much happier now. I had some test prints laying around so I just taped them to the shelf because all the blank, dark space was unpleasant to look at. But yeah, I guess that’s it? I just liked how they turned out and wanted to share! Hope y’all had a nice day!

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